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Owl Order Requirements

It's always good to be prepared!  There are so many quirks in customization.  Here is some information on what you need to know before you order. 

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What to Expect from Your Owl Adviser

We have personal benchmarks!  Find out what Owl Advisers strive for and what to expect from your new partner in Promotion Owl.

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The Promotion Owl Equestrian

A niche market for Promotion Owl!  Coming soon to a marketing company near you...

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Owl Order Requirements

Before You Order

 Owl Advisers are here to help guide you in the right direction.  We want you to be satisfied with your branded products, and we want the products to make an impact to your business.  Whether it be catching the attention of a potential client, appreciating repeat clients, helping your employees and team members look the part or upgrading your space.

Promotion Owl Advisers want to help you brand and advertise with a purpose, so we will help you develop a vision and goals to develop your order around.  We will develop an ordering strategy to get the most benefit out of every order including variables such as your target audience, expected results and maximum benefit of your dollar.  We want you to have your vision come true, so if you don't have one, we'll help you develop one! 


Artwork Requirements

Promotion Owl holds their work to a particular standard.  We want your products to make a great impression on your clients.   The file below explains the importance of artwork file types, what kind of files we need and how we can help if you don't have artwork for your business. 


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What to Expect from Your Owl Adviser

Owl Advisers Provide Guidance

Owl Advisers create value from their work by teaching and guiding entrepreneurs and team members about the ideal products for your needs.  We help you to create a vision for your brand and advise and assist in the steps to take to reach your goal.  Promotion Owl brands products with a purpose.  Owl Advisers are focused on bringing the best products and services for your business to you.

Customer Care

 Owl Advisers are focused on providing the best service possible to clients and potential clients.  Our goal is to help business owners toward their goals; not to sell more products.  We base our work on trust and building relationships and the community.  We want to do the footwork for you.  

Owl Advisers Value Your Business

 Owl Advisers want your business to attract attention.  We want your business to grow.  We want you and your business to look great, feel confident and generate revenue.  And we want to help you do that as best we can through the products and services we provide. 

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Equestrian Owl

More Information Coming Soon!

Until then, a picture of this horse will do.

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