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The Promotion Owl Advantage

Clients who start with us, stay with us.  Promotion Owl provides a definite advantage to your business.

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Promotion Owl Mission Statement

 It's what we really want!  We're not shy about it.  We've published it for all to see. 

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About the Original Owl Adviser

Owner profile alert!  Learn about the face of the brand and the mind behind it.

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The Promotion Owl Advantage

Printed and Promotional Products

Custom printed promotional products and apparel are the solid base that Promotion Owl is built on. Promotion Owl's goal is to create systems and processes to generate orders custom to the needs of each business or organisation.  We have reached that goal in many ways.

Promotion Owl is capable of providing products in both large and small quantities and prides itself in having lower minimum quantities for apparel and printed signage and decals than most companies. Promotion Owl works with local vendors to complete projects and adjusts pricing to benefit clients.  We are flexible in capacity, quantities and customisation.


Promotion Owl Mission

Promotion Owl is dedicated and passionate about providing clients with the greatest possible value in products and services. We must provide effective options for businesses of all sizes to promote themselves in their chosen market and create brand recognition with the use of products, signage and business management expertise.  We are results driven and work to guide you to more sales and brand recognition.


About the Original Owl Adviser

Sara Anderson

Sara grew up around business.  Her father and grandfather owned and operated very different successful businesses for longer than she's been alive.  As a young person, she was welcomed to each business to begin learning about performing tasks in a working environment.  Each business was learned from the ground up, instilling an entrepreneurial spirit.  Sara's interests lie with the inner workings of business structure and the relationship between departments of an organization.

Sara has experience in manufacturing, distribution, non-profit and service based organizations.  Her work experience and interests has led her through the automotive, construction, graphic arts, promotional products, shipping, packaging and equestrian industries to name a few.

Sara is an equestrian who rides competitively on her Arabian horse Stadacona in Western Style Dressage. She currently holds a board position with a local equestrian club promoting Western Style Dressage in Manitoba.

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