Promotion Owl Products

Promotion Owl has partnered with a variety of brands to care for the customization needs of any client.  We believe in making good impressions so Promotion Owl enjoys showing you products that will do just that.   We work with local vendors to complete projects and adjust pricing to benefit clients.  

Promotion Owl Apparel


Promotion Owl has partnered with a number of brands to provide quality clothing options for businesses of all sizes.   Promotion Owl is capable of providing products in both large and small quantities and prides itself in having lower minimum quantities for apparel than most companies.  We focus on being flexible for our clients and using our perks to your advantage.   Ask us how today!

Contact us with some information on what you're looking for and we can do the digging for you!  The price of any item will provide the base price on which to build the cost of embroidery, screen print or heat press; branded customization is additional.

Small Products That Make a Difference

Glassware. Gifts. Giveaways. Sandblast. Etch. Pens. Ceramic. Mugs. Custom. Logo. Sublimation. Wine.

Small self promoting items left with customers or potential clients can make a great impression.  These products can be anything you need them to be; the first product your small startup purchases with a short budget, giveaways at your next trade show or finishing touches on an event being planned for over a year.  Even awards and prizes!  These items can be daily use or one time use and come in a variety of styles.

Printed Products


Promotion Owl has custom printing solutions for you.  We are able to print or source printing for a wide variety of needs and industries.

Printed solutions help you complete tasks when planning your upcoming event, such as creating advertising, sending invitations or selling tickets, as well as completing the look at your event to draw attention to an area or, providing a program to every attendee.

Print can also prepare you for your next trade show.  Combine some small item giveaways with some edible promotions and print for a spectacular and professional trade show booth.

Big Promo; Big Impression


Are you looking for something bigger? Larger items can be branded for big giveaways, employee or client gifts. These products can show a lot more appreciation to important clients and vendors.  They will often get the most use as well.  

The best investment a business owner can make in their company is increasing the moral of employees.  Show your appreciation with customized items they will appreciate!

Edible Promotions


The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach, so Promotion Owl also offers edible promotions.  Whether your logo is printed on the packaging or engraved in the product, this type of promotion will always receive attention.

Servicing Your Business with Print and Design


If your business's location could use a face-lift, why not do it with print?  Your walls, drywall or glass set the tone for your company culture.  Uplift your employees and welcome customers with unique designs.  Some print and decorative films are just for looks, and some can have other benefits like privacy.  Promotion Owl will manage your film installation project for  these products.  

  • Wall Decals
  • Interior Signage
  • Dry Erase Boards
  • Decorative Window Film
  • Vehicle and Trailer Decals

Coming Soon...

More imagery will be available soon of featured products!

Check out our latest update! The Owl Apparel page has information, videos and links to our clothing brand partners. 

Owl Apparel

In the mean time, contact us for product information and inquiries!