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Promotion Owl Provides Custom Printed Solutions and Promotional Products to Businesses in Canada


Promotion Owl specialises in providing branded promotional products and apparel to organisations of all sizes.  Put your best foot forward and show the world your brand.   Promotion Owl is capable of providing products in both large and small quantities and prides itself in having lower minimum quantities for apparel and printed signage and decals than most companies. We work with local vendors to complete projects and adjust pricing to benefit clients.  

We are passionate about helping your brand show its best self.    

Promotional Owl values creating positive relationships with clients, vendors and the community. Promotion Owl promotes trust, honesty, great service, and quality in both products and services.

New Products for 2019

Check out some of the new products by The Authentic T-Shirt Company! Promotion Owl is very excited to be working with this supportive and quality clothing brand.

Visit www.sanmarcanada.com to browse the products available for you and your business!

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How do you want your company represented? What's so special about Promotion Owl?  What makes you certain the Promotion Owl will take you to the next level in your business?

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Read about our services or browse our product availability through this page!  You won't regret it.  Promotion Owl can do some amazing things for your business!

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